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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Grand Opening Gift

On Sept 1st @ 1AM SL time GuRLywood will be officially opening up its doors. I have a special present waiting for you guys inside the new store. All of the items come together in one gift pack for 1L and will only be available on September 1st (After that, all items will be permanantly removed. ) The gift package includes :

GuRLy Hair - 5 Shades Plus an attaching bang piece in all shades.

Pink Shades - Courtesy of Nevaeh Black of Sinful Shades ( who also has a shop on the new GuRLywood Island.

GuRLywood Handbag - Courtesty of Merijayne Hornpipe of Nerdy Birdy ( also has a lil shop on the island. )

Pink Stripper Heels

Pink Star Bikini - Courtesy of Dominik Bauer of Dominik Bauer Creations & GuRL 6

Pink Hoop Earrings

Pink Choker

Pink Bracelets

Pink Diamond Belly Ring

There will also be lots of new items including an all new bikini line from Dominik , hair of course , some jewelry and a few more things -- here's a couple shots of some of the new stuff.. will post more as they are boxed up.

( In ads : Dangle Earrings: Shirt by Dazzle, in Affair : Suit by Mischief, In Apply: Outfit by [Random], in Molly: Outfit by Artilleri )


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