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Thursday, August 31, 2006

More goodies for gurlywood

Just another update on whats going on at GuRLywood - Got " Tickles" boxed up and ready to roll out on friday , its gently flex and easy tint. There are also 2 New boy hairs " Spike and Bonfire" that are also ready to go as well. I also boxed up my " Chilly" sweater wraps.. they flexi and right now I have only started with 2 colors ( peach and grey ) if people like them I will be more than happy to make some more in more colors and patterns and even styles .. but we'll see if its a style anyone even wants first :P. I think we're all set for the party .. we got dominik set up with a holygram pink dj booth for the main stage of the water park , bought some pink champagne too YAY. Remember the party starts at 6pm sl time, but gurlywood will officially open at 1am friday. I will keep gurl 6 in euphoria island open until september second, just in case ppl want to shop in a more quiet non party enviornment of the first :P After that I will be emptying out euphoria island with nothing but moved signs left behind for a good month. Remember if you are someone that keeps new hair for newbies boxes on hand , to contact me so that we can get you an updated kit !!
In ads I'm wearing a Tee by Launa Fauna, skirt by KCD and pendant from canimal.. along with my Lost Thereian skin.


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