GuRL 6

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Glamour GuRL Makeover Contest This Weekend!

For the contest , contestants must submit an entry form with an attached snapshot.. the snapshot must be of them wearing only avatar appearance made hair, skins, clothing. No photoshop, and using only the textures available in their Linden Library. Its not a beauty contest, its how creative you can get with those tools !! Hopefully people will have fun with it ! The winner is going to get treated to a most FABULOUS make-over co-sponsored by NAUGHTY DESIGNS. The winner will get to pick out 3 individual skins and a pair of eyes from Naughty Island , 3 everything hair packs from gurl 6, they will be awarded 3000L to shop whereverelse they like.. and they will receive 3 gift cards ( 500 boing fromage 1000 mischief and 1500 Shiny things ) So YAY lotsa Goodies ! All entries must be received by October 2nd and winner will be announced October 3rd right here on this blog and also on a sign at the main enterence to GuRLywood. Looking forward to your snapshots !!! ( Only one entry per avatar )

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

4 new Hairstyles !

Glamour - Short , Easy Tint and gentle flex ( outfit from dazzle ) Dolly - Ponytails, Easy Tint and Flexi ( Outfit from Angry Pink) Ladybug - Short hunny buns, Easy tint and gentle flex ( Tee from a shop Zephyr Heights shopping center, not sure name of the store but by Barry Rawley. Spank TOO - long, Easy Tint , Flexi ( Outfit from Callie Cline ) . Spank too has very subtle but crucial differences :P It has bangs brushed to the side instead of the fringe bangs on the original bangs, and just some slight changes on the sides of the hair and the pieces that come up front. I had modified spank and been wearing around and some ppl had asked for that version so I decided just to go head and release it , even though its major difference is just the bangs :P That is Eeet For now !

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

3 New Wigs

Allie - Flexi, Easy tint , and the plaid part of the hat is color change on command. The outfit in the ad is sandrine from Dazzle (( better pick it up while you can !!! only a few more days :( ))/ Accessories from Artilleri. Krissy is also flexi and easy tint, the outfit is actually a Minnie Mouse Costume from IN STYLE , Irishrose Witherspoones new store, I really love the poofy flexi skirt , its so well made and easy to adjust.. she's working hard cranking out new fun lil costumes for halloween , the minnie outfit has ears and a tail that I'm not wearing in the ad. And Diamond - Flexi Easy tint , the outfit in the ad is the new one from /artilleri which is so freaking fun and cute. In other news got a new employee in the store , Taylor Meness , so if your shopping and see her in her uniform.. dont forget to say hello ! She's new to second life but is picking up everything so fast , she will be a great addition to the GuRLywood Staff. Isabella Lazarno has been promoted to Staff Manager and is doing such a great job helping to train new employees. I really hope you guys like having the extra help in the store , if your in GuRLywood and you see the girls in the silly gurl 6 uniform's :P feel free to ask them help you find something !! The staff will not be able to provide you with products only assistance in finding display's in store. If you have any doubts that a person you see working in the store is an actual employee don't hesitate to contact myself, Nevaeh Black, Isabella Lazarno or Dominik Bauer. Actual employee's will NEVER offer you items for sale out of their inventory , be weery of anyone in any store you go to that does.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

2 new flexi hairs

Toni and Staples - both are flexi and easy tint and up now at the GuRL 6 in GuRLywood.. the tops I'm wearing in the ads are both from Dazzle !

Saturday, September 23, 2006

The GOOD BAD & UGLY of The Good the bad & the ugly blog .

The good : They have managed to get people over there reading their blog , though no one is reading it for advice on what to or not to buy .. more likely just watching the train wreck in progress of the bloggers foaming at the mouth and jumping up and down at the opportunity to slam the people they feel get the credit that THEY themselves should be getting. They have managed to piss people off ( their primary goal ) . Applauds.

The Bad : Repetition , there's a few people they just cant seem to let go of , their blog has only a handful of posts and I'm mentioned in THREE of them. We get it folks, you cant get GuRL 6 hair to fit your head, but why would you even be attempting? You already said it has split ends and needed a hot oil treatment.

The Ugly : Their skin review .. the avatar shape they use to try the skins is so freaking poorly made it would make ANY skin look bad.. if they are going to review female skins.. they really should buy a female looking shape to do it.. the results may be better.

Anyways someone had pointed me in the direction of that blog , Personally I enjoyed Merl baily's brutal critiques much better.. at least it would make people laugh. These people, on the other hand, just come off as bitter.

New Freebie Hairstyle @ GuRLywood

Mickey is gentle flex and easy tint and you can pick up all 44 shades ( the everything pack) of this style that includes all 3 sizes ( small medium and large) in every shade for 1L at the Newbie Resource Center in GuRLywood ( Located right down the street from the main GuRL 6 and next door to the discount building ) . Non- Newbies are of course more than welcome to pick up this style and check out Center! Its just getting started hoping to fill it up with more freebies and tutorials , suggestions and donations are very welcomed !! In the ad I'm wearing a top from Fashionably dead , watch and earrings and upper tat from artilleri and jeans from mischief and star hip tats courtesy of Digital Dragon Designs.. and of course one of my new make-up skins from Lost Thereian and super cool scripted name tag from Boing Fromage . My new hair for newbies program will of course still be running, I just felt like adding an extra freebie style to the other freebie styles available ( Superstar, Boyfriend and Pout in Pinks, Berries and Dirties )

Friday, September 22, 2006

Cheapie Tee's in the Sassy Gear Section

Just put out the Exposure Tee's , 5 in a pack for 125L. Simple basic bewbielicious , colorful tee's :P Wearing Star Hair , that I just put out this morning along with sunglasses from sinful shades and a snazzy watch from Artilleri.

2 New hairstyles @ GuRLywood

Star - Its Flexi and easy tint ( outfit in ad from torridwear ) Duckie - Static and easy tint ( outfit from Artilleri) the cutie cherry earings in both ads are also from Artilleri. Pick up a pack of 4 for 195L ( lg, medium and sm sizes in every shade ) with 11 different color packs to choose from! Or Pick up an " everything pack all 44 colors for just 999L. In other news I've also drastically discounted the items in the discount building ( next to gurlywood mountain and right down the store from the main gurl 6 ) styles from 50L to 125.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

3 New Releases!

Discipline, Billie & Misbehave. All 3 styles are flexi and easy tint and available now @ GuRL 6 in GuRLywood. Headband/HairTies are color change on command. Seen in the Ads : in all of the ads I'm wearing daydreamer glasses from Sinful Shades and Various Alina Skins from Lost Thereian. In Billie I am wearing a Top from Little Rebel and in Discipline I am wearing the shirt form Sol Columbia's " Metro" outfit and in Misbehave I am wearing the jacket from the same " Metro" outfit. View these styles by clicking here.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Babe Too Up now Also

Babe Too - Easy Tint - Flexi - Outfit in ad ( Top - KDC/It's all good - Bottom - Torridwear) Skin by Lost Thereian and Glasses from Sinful Shades. Babe too Is a remix on Babe that I made for myself because I liked having it longer than the original babe so put it out for sale in case anyone else does too :) yay !

4 New Styles Out

I've been a little bit slow, been pretty sick , but wanted to give a little something so here's my four . They are not easy tint , and I know alot of ppl have been asking that I mark more clearly on the box which ones are easy tint and which ones are not so I am going to be working on that. For now when you check the display picture it should say whether or not the hair is easy tint. The clothes in the Abundance ad are from paper couture and everything else is from Its All Good/KDC . All of the Accessories are Color change on Command. ( /6 color ____) with a list of colors included. Thats it for now! Just a reminder to please leave me notecards if you are sending me an offline IM , this cold is making me a lil bit cloggy in the brain so even if Im online.. If I am not responding right away please go head and send a notecard THANKS SO many bunches !!

Monday, September 11, 2006

New One !

Justine - Flexi and easy tint - 44 colors ! In the ad I'm dressed in an outfit from WRONG. Also I forgot to blog about " Servent" ( Shown Below) its pretty much a static style, other than the tail of the pony and a few whispies , easy tint and the hair ties color change on command.. hairstyle was a suggestion from Jellybean TY !! It's supposed to be kind of Slave Princess leia'ish.. but I took liberties on the picture I recieved of the style, especially on back - cos I had no idea what the back looked like and also gave it some bangs because hey .. bangs are always good to have ! LOL :) (outfit in the servent ad is from Kinyo Nino

Thursday, September 07, 2006

YayYYYY - New Shopping Adventure !

Well I am so extremely excited about the newest releases @ Naughty Designs new Island. I had been waiting and hoping and wishing for new make ups to go with my favorite skin by Lost Thereian and they FINALLY arrived !!!! Me and my friends were watching the clock all evening until it opened its doors at 7PM and apparently we werent the only ones.. lol. It was madness everyone elbowing and kicking and knocking each other down, but man it was worth it. I could not be happier with my new make up choices on the Lost skins and I know they have alot more going on than that but that was the cherry on top for me !! The photo in left is me in one of my new favorite make up options , there are so many to choose from I will be playing with these forever !!!! (hair in picture is bobbie from gurl 6 in caramel ) .

Yay for new hair !

This ones called Daisy and its SOOOPER long and SOOOPER flexi and easy tint ! The barette in back is black but the daisy's on it will tint a little bit on command. Its available now @ GuRL 6 in GuRLywood. I'm wearing a cute bra and panty set from [Random] . Dominik has released a new sex animation and is working on some new T-shirts and poses and Callie Cline has set up a stand in front of the store selling shirts to raise money for the Crocadile Hunters' charity. It will only be up for a little while so be sure to stop by to pick up a shirt in support ! In other new's I am just so excited for the grand opening of Naughty Island , My lost thereian skin has become like a peice of my .. well SKIN.. since I very first bought it and I am sosososososososo excited to see the new make up choices he has added along with any other goodies him and Amby will have. That's pretty much it for now , I was reading blogs today and was SOSOSO happy to read an entry from Elika about her discovering Sinful Shades while on the GuRLywood Sim the other day. I really love Nev's glasses and was thrilled to see her get recognized. Alot of stores focus on so many things and Nev has pretty much dedicated all her time to sunglasses and glasses so shes got bunches and buches of styles and colors ! Okay well I'm gonna get back to working on something ( who am I kidding .. im off to play ! LOL ) !

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

New Hair.. More Shades and New Color Demos!

First of all, just put out " fluffy" its easy tint, flexi ,messy double thingamajobbers for your dome ! I have added 3 new Hair packs ( 12 new colors all together ) Candy Pack features black hair dipped with blue, silver, purple and blonde. Sultry Pack features 4 new shades of brown and the Cinnamon Pack is kind of a potpurri pack with 2 dips ( blond dipped in brown & blonde dipped in red ) a bright white and a reddish shade. So that brings us up to 11 different packs to choose from totalling 44 hairs shades all together. The everything packs will remain 999L so its now a savings of about 1000L when you purchase the jumbo ! I'm still placing all 3 sizes in every pack ( because im totally a spaz ) . Another constant customer request was to have demos of the shades available so now I can cross that off my list YAY. When you enter the store, on the left hand side ( front wall by the newbie vouchers and gift cards ) you will find demo's of all the hair pack colors currently available, they are seperated into the all new pack lay out to hopefully make things more simple ! I've also updated the Bangin pack to add the new 12 shades , again at no extra charge. I went back and updated some of the newer releases with the new color packs ( Spank, Kate, Bully, Betrayal, Faithful , Tangled ,Bobbie, Babe and the limited edition "September" hair. ) If you have already purchased an everything pack in any of those specific releases, or a bangin pack.. you can contact me in world to get the upgrade ! I will just need you to wear them for me as proof of purchase ! Thats all for now !!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Another one !

Spank - Its Flexi , Yep and It's Easy Tint, uh huh ! Its up now at GuRL 6's new home in GuRLywood. And yes I'm still wearing Sol Columbia's new gear from the last hair ad , cause it rocks and I didn't wanna take it off LOL. Anyways thats it for now !! Yay.. oh and another another I am going to be hiring some workers for the store soon. To assist with customers , help direct newbies to the voucher boxes and explain the process and help the through it.. to guide those poor lost confused men to the mens area of the store and help guide people through the hair maze that are looking for a particular style. If you feel that you are familiar with GuRL 6 products and have an outgoing personality and a few hours a week to spare , contact me in world for more details !

New Hair @ GuRL 6

Kate is flexi and easy tint, with color change on command baretts . Its available now @ GuRL 6 in GuRLyWood. Available in 8 packs of 4 , or an everything pack of 33 colors including the bonus black with blonde tips shade. The outfit I'm wearing in the Ad is a new one from Sol Columbia that I am so loving right now !!!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Yayyyy Were OPEN !

First of all just a lil product update : I finally got around to makeing that bangs package I've been threatning to do , it features 4 different styles of bangs in 33 colors that are *EasyTint* . I plan on finishing boxing and releasing some more bangs packages soon ! (Boa Shown in Ad is from Nymphetamine ) I also added one last hair a few minutes before the opening of GuRLlyWood , Bobbie.. its flexi and easy tint with a color change on command barett. (Outfit in Ad : Sweater from Preen, Skirt from KCD) . I just finished up another mens hair and will focusing a lil more on the male side for a little while I think. NOW FOR THE PARTY !! Thanks to everyone that made it out to GuRLYwood for Event.. It was a lot of fun and of course, like any big party in sl, it was a lag fest lol. For those of you that didnt make it to the party , you missed out on seeing the HUGEOMUNGUS Gurlywood waterpark which I have since trimmed down so that it doesnt over power the whole sim ( Props to the Misfit Crew for such a lovely job on that. ) Later on today I will be emptying out Euphoria Island and then things will finally be settled down YAY. Its been so hectic but also so fun and I can't thank enough everyone that participated on this project.