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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Glamour GuRL Makeover Contest This Weekend!

For the contest , contestants must submit an entry form with an attached snapshot.. the snapshot must be of them wearing only avatar appearance made hair, skins, clothing. No photoshop, and using only the textures available in their Linden Library. Its not a beauty contest, its how creative you can get with those tools !! Hopefully people will have fun with it ! The winner is going to get treated to a most FABULOUS make-over co-sponsored by NAUGHTY DESIGNS. The winner will get to pick out 3 individual skins and a pair of eyes from Naughty Island , 3 everything hair packs from gurl 6, they will be awarded 3000L to shop whereverelse they like.. and they will receive 3 gift cards ( 500 boing fromage 1000 mischief and 1500 Shiny things ) So YAY lotsa Goodies ! All entries must be received by October 2nd and winner will be announced October 3rd right here on this blog and also on a sign at the main enterence to GuRLywood. Looking forward to your snapshots !!! ( Only one entry per avatar )


At 11:46 AM, Blogger Garbage Prototype said...

Tight! I cant wait to see the winner


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