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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

3 New Wigs

Allie - Flexi, Easy tint , and the plaid part of the hat is color change on command. The outfit in the ad is sandrine from Dazzle (( better pick it up while you can !!! only a few more days :( ))/ Accessories from Artilleri. Krissy is also flexi and easy tint, the outfit is actually a Minnie Mouse Costume from IN STYLE , Irishrose Witherspoones new store, I really love the poofy flexi skirt , its so well made and easy to adjust.. she's working hard cranking out new fun lil costumes for halloween , the minnie outfit has ears and a tail that I'm not wearing in the ad. And Diamond - Flexi Easy tint , the outfit in the ad is the new one from /artilleri which is so freaking fun and cute. In other news got a new employee in the store , Taylor Meness , so if your shopping and see her in her uniform.. dont forget to say hello ! She's new to second life but is picking up everything so fast , she will be a great addition to the GuRLywood Staff. Isabella Lazarno has been promoted to Staff Manager and is doing such a great job helping to train new employees. I really hope you guys like having the extra help in the store , if your in GuRLywood and you see the girls in the silly gurl 6 uniform's :P feel free to ask them help you find something !! The staff will not be able to provide you with products only assistance in finding display's in store. If you have any doubts that a person you see working in the store is an actual employee don't hesitate to contact myself, Nevaeh Black, Isabella Lazarno or Dominik Bauer. Actual employee's will NEVER offer you items for sale out of their inventory , be weery of anyone in any store you go to that does.


At 4:14 AM, Blogger Irishrose said...

Awww, Six! I am so glad you like my costume!

At 10:23 PM, Blogger Garbage Prototype said...

Allie is realllly hot!

At 8:15 AM, Blogger Celebrity Trollop said...

Diamond!!!!! Sweeet!!


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