GuRL 6

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

4 new Hairstyles !

Glamour - Short , Easy Tint and gentle flex ( outfit from dazzle ) Dolly - Ponytails, Easy Tint and Flexi ( Outfit from Angry Pink) Ladybug - Short hunny buns, Easy tint and gentle flex ( Tee from a shop Zephyr Heights shopping center, not sure name of the store but by Barry Rawley. Spank TOO - long, Easy Tint , Flexi ( Outfit from Callie Cline ) . Spank too has very subtle but crucial differences :P It has bangs brushed to the side instead of the fringe bangs on the original bangs, and just some slight changes on the sides of the hair and the pieces that come up front. I had modified spank and been wearing around and some ppl had asked for that version so I decided just to go head and release it , even though its major difference is just the bangs :P That is Eeet For now !


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