GuRL 6

Monday, September 04, 2006

Another one !

Spank - Its Flexi , Yep and It's Easy Tint, uh huh ! Its up now at GuRL 6's new home in GuRLywood. And yes I'm still wearing Sol Columbia's new gear from the last hair ad , cause it rocks and I didn't wanna take it off LOL. Anyways thats it for now !! Yay.. oh and another another I am going to be hiring some workers for the store soon. To assist with customers , help direct newbies to the voucher boxes and explain the process and help the through it.. to guide those poor lost confused men to the mens area of the store and help guide people through the hair maze that are looking for a particular style. If you feel that you are familiar with GuRL 6 products and have an outgoing personality and a few hours a week to spare , contact me in world for more details !


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