GuRL 6

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Yayyyy Were OPEN !

First of all just a lil product update : I finally got around to makeing that bangs package I've been threatning to do , it features 4 different styles of bangs in 33 colors that are *EasyTint* . I plan on finishing boxing and releasing some more bangs packages soon ! (Boa Shown in Ad is from Nymphetamine ) I also added one last hair a few minutes before the opening of GuRLlyWood , Bobbie.. its flexi and easy tint with a color change on command barett. (Outfit in Ad : Sweater from Preen, Skirt from KCD) . I just finished up another mens hair and will focusing a lil more on the male side for a little while I think. NOW FOR THE PARTY !! Thanks to everyone that made it out to GuRLYwood for Event.. It was a lot of fun and of course, like any big party in sl, it was a lag fest lol. For those of you that didnt make it to the party , you missed out on seeing the HUGEOMUNGUS Gurlywood waterpark which I have since trimmed down so that it doesnt over power the whole sim ( Props to the Misfit Crew for such a lovely job on that. ) Later on today I will be emptying out Euphoria Island and then things will finally be settled down YAY. Its been so hectic but also so fun and I can't thank enough everyone that participated on this project.


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