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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

New Hair.. More Shades and New Color Demos!

First of all, just put out " fluffy" its easy tint, flexi ,messy double thingamajobbers for your dome ! I have added 3 new Hair packs ( 12 new colors all together ) Candy Pack features black hair dipped with blue, silver, purple and blonde. Sultry Pack features 4 new shades of brown and the Cinnamon Pack is kind of a potpurri pack with 2 dips ( blond dipped in brown & blonde dipped in red ) a bright white and a reddish shade. So that brings us up to 11 different packs to choose from totalling 44 hairs shades all together. The everything packs will remain 999L so its now a savings of about 1000L when you purchase the jumbo ! I'm still placing all 3 sizes in every pack ( because im totally a spaz ) . Another constant customer request was to have demos of the shades available so now I can cross that off my list YAY. When you enter the store, on the left hand side ( front wall by the newbie vouchers and gift cards ) you will find demo's of all the hair pack colors currently available, they are seperated into the all new pack lay out to hopefully make things more simple ! I've also updated the Bangin pack to add the new 12 shades , again at no extra charge. I went back and updated some of the newer releases with the new color packs ( Spank, Kate, Bully, Betrayal, Faithful , Tangled ,Bobbie, Babe and the limited edition "September" hair. ) If you have already purchased an everything pack in any of those specific releases, or a bangin pack.. you can contact me in world to get the upgrade ! I will just need you to wear them for me as proof of purchase ! Thats all for now !!


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