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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Balls of Hair

Oh yes I did :P Balls of hair is available now @ GuRLywood in 60 shades. Its flexi and easy tint ! Outfit in ad is one of my most favoritist outfits from Ravenwear.. I love to pair it up with my GuRL of the future boots and it all seems to just mix well with this big fun hair. The tatoo on my back is called backstars and also available at gurlywood in the sassy gear area, its tintable so you can match it to whatever you like . I had dominik make it just for me but I figured maybe someone else will like it ! Oh and I cant take full credit for the name of this hair LOL. Blame Danny !


At 4:55 AM, Blogger Jeza said...

I overheard a convo yesterday, I had to chuckle to myself.. One girl says to the other, "They never look as good as they do in the pictures." I had to bite my tounge.. I thought to myself, that is because Six is 'Babealicious' ..
Well it's true!!
They always look good on me though, so... there you go :)




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