GuRL 6

Monday, October 30, 2006

Chantal @ GuRL 6

Having trouble displaying the snap.. see it here. Named after my friend Chantal Bachman aka Mrs Beckenbach and inspired just a teeny lil bit from the fergielicious video this hair is flexi and easy tint and available now in the heavy 60 shades. Outfit in the Ad is from Paper Couture, Purse from Pampered Paws. In other news : Garbage finally convinced me it was time to start tidying up my display posters so I have started with this hair and I will be using a new pack set up for each hair after this and doing my best to work backwards and get previous hair up to speed as well . ( Ive done 5 so far and whoa its work.. so it wont be overnight thats for sure lol . ) Ive also cleaned up my demo's starting with this pack they are hotpink instead of green and have a nice lil sign instead of the huge gigantic box lol. So if I seem like I am pulling my hair out these days its because.. well I AM. LOL. I am actually really excited and hope that I am able to go back and get everything looking alot more uniform and less um.. tackiriffic:P Miss Merijayne fixed me up bigger star displays to fit these new bigger poster set-ups and dominik has been following behind me lining up all my crookedness so I am getting bunches of help with this ! Anyways thats it for now.... only one more day to pick up October Limited Edition Hair before its gone for good and November is on the way soon !


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