GuRL 6

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Taken @ GuRL 6 , Etc...

Flexi & Easy tint.. Taken is available now in GuRLywood.. Top in Ad is from Sol Columbia.. Love it and the pants that come with it bunches ! In other news: GuRLywood was down tonight for a lil bit RawR.. but everything seems to be smooth now ! I finally got around to checking out House of Nyla... Wow she has some beautiful orginal clothes there, I also had the pleasure of meeting Nyla herself who was sweet as can be ! I spent the night playing with my work area trying to fix it up from being just a plywood cube, posing stand, and some exploaded wig parts.. Had Nev and Zakky over during my renovations ( erm.. thats a strong word for decorating my plywood box but , hey!) then garbage came later with his spinny chair for a lil bitsy as well. Anyways my new work area is EXTREMELY tacky LOL.. Palm trees poking out of Pink candy striped walls .. its a nightmare.. I LOVE IT :P Also spent sometime putting up a lil display at the new Funk Store.. man that store is pretty and everything so neat and tidy ..I wish I could be more tidy I am such a chaotic mess with my displays .. Ack !!


At 9:12 PM, Blogger Irishrose said...

aww six, but we love the tacky lol.


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