GuRL 6

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Introducing the Glow Remix Series

Ive decided to start digging through some older/recent styles and redoing them in the newest pack shades ( diva, drama , platinum, dazzle & delicate packs ). I will be selling these remixes in complete 20 packs of all the new shades in 3 sizes for 299L. These Glow Remixes will only be available for a limited timed (2 weeks ) then will be discontinued. In other news, for those of you that liked the old school style "Poptart".. that has been remixed and redone SO many danged times LOL... another update to the series is FINALLY coming .. currently attempting to flexify it.. and update it all 60 GuRL 6 shades with a few other suprises to it. More on that soon ! Thanks to everyone sending in their information for the GuRL 6 New Designer/New product display. Please keep them coming !!!


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