GuRL 6

Friday, October 13, 2006

Changes !

I have added 5 new shined up hair packs to the GuRL 6 Collection ( View 1 of them below ) . Thanks to everyone who filled out the questionairres to help me decide which ones to add. Based on demand .. I have added the Diva Pack, The Delicate Pack, Platinum Pack, Drama Pack and Dazzle packs. Just a lil something for those that prefer hair a lil more glossy than natural .. all of the other packs will remain except for the cinnamon pack-- bringing the total number of packs available up to 15 !! So all together there will be 60 shades ! The good news for those that like picking up the everything packs --- the price will NOT change. It will still be just 999L to get all 15 packs , all 60 shades in all 3 sizes. The individual packs of 4 are 195L each so buying them all seperately would be 2925L .. so by picking up the everything pack you save almost 2k L ! Those that would like to get a good feel of all the colors will be able to pick them up in the brand new style " Icy" later tonight ! As special introductory offer to the new collection , the everything pack for ICY will be on sale for just 350L this weekend only. You can also view/try on demos of all the color packs including the new ones up at the information area for 0L later this evening as well ! Really hope you like them.. Going to keep this pack set up for a while then do another questionaire soon to see what packs you find most useful and least useful and try to streamline .. but for NOW its a whole lot to choose from :P ( in other news the shirt and doggy purse I have on .. I picked up at Tymber Donovans Store in Awesometastic !!! )


At 5:45 PM, Blogger Sweet Misery said...

This has now become my new fave, I've always been a die hard blonde and usually get the Sunshine packs however this time I tried the Delicate and all I can say is Wow..these textures rock. Good Job Six ;)


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