GuRL 6

Sunday, October 01, 2006

5 New Releases

All 5 styles are Easy Tint ... All are flexi except for Mrs, and cherry on top which are static. October is limited edition for the month of october only.. buh by september !! . Outfits in ads - Nikki & Mrs From Dazzle, Lucy from Artilleri, October from Laundry and cherry on top is from its all good. All 5 styles are available now @ gurlywood.. october is in the hair of the month area up front by the info station and the rest of the styles are in the new release secton on the rack on the right.. on the back.. wasnt feeling too fabulous enough to rearrange everything tonight to put them on the rack on the left where I usually do , but will be fixing that up soon ! Thanks for everyone thats entered the contest so far, remember tomarrow is the last day to get those entries in ! thanks !


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