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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

New bangs package & New Style

Well ALMOST new style :P Poptart Finale.. which will be the LAST and final remix to the Poptart hairstyle... touched up the style a little and added some flexi bits .. its now available in all 60 shades. 195L per pack of 4 shades. Also "Options Bangs Duo Pack" 2 sets of bangs in 3 sizes/positions to fit small, medium and large hair users. Also available in all 60 shades. 99L per pack of 4 shades in 2 bangs styles. Also : The complete 60 options Duo bangs package has been added as a bonus to the Poptart Finale Everything pack. The poptart hair is a lil on the heavier side of prims , I generally am very cautious to keep a lower prim style but this one splurges a tad :P I PROMISE no more poptart remixes .. LOL.. theres been quiteee a fewww :P but its one of my old faves that ive been constantly trying to improve on and offer in more colors. Shirt in ad is a limited edition one that I got from Dazzle a while back !!


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