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Sunday, November 12, 2006

4 New hairstyles and new skins !

Firstly the hair breakdown : Samantha is flexi and easy tint (outfit in ad from paper couture), Ariel is flexi , WHOA! very very flexi !not easy tint but it like all gurl 6 hair is fully modifiable and i've included a note on how to tint your hair yourself :P Named after a very sweet customer Ariel Winthorpe (Outfit in ad from Stellar Designers ) Street is static and easy tint ( tats in ad from canimal and bewb tape from Indie Rainbow) street is named after another really sweet customer Street Grainville .. I'd been wanting to use her name for a hair for a very long time but didnt really have a hair with enough edge to warrent the name street, so hopefully this one has it :P .. and finally Sugar Pop .. its flexi and easy tint ( Outfit in ad again from Stellar Designs, shes made a couple of these super adorable mini mini mini mini's with cute tops that I am way diggin on right now ) So thats the hair wrap up -- hope you likes ! In other news the Melanie skins by Garbage Prototype for GuRl 6 are finally up for sale in the store yay ! View the skins over here on Garbage's Blog .They are located to the right of the main enterance on the front wall . Several make up choices available and 3 skin tones to choose from. The price is so low you cant go wrong with only 500L for a beautiful photoskin. So please check those out :) Busy Busy Night.. LOL -- I gotta bad cold so i think I will just chill at least for an hour or so haha.. jk .. will chill for a bit promise :P


At 12:39 PM, Blogger Jeza said...

Man.... I need to get 3 more jobs so I can afford all of these kickin do's!! They all rock!!!



At 5:18 AM, Blogger Jeza said...

I was working yesterday, and the 'Samantha' was just crying out to me..
I tried to ignore it, I really really did. But the Force is strong with that do.. My bank account told me, "Noo!! You can't afford it!" But the power of that do overwhelmed me, and I bought it anyways...
And you know what? I absolutely love it!!!
Once again, another top notch creation!!!




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