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Sunday, February 25, 2007

4 New Hairstyles @ GuRL 6

Three are variations of the Melrose Style and one is a follow up to the Erin Hair with 2 Ponies in the back instead of just the one to the side. 60 Shades with small, medium and large sizes included for every shade in each pack. The Melrose sets are static and Erin 2, like the first Erin is only subtly flexi. In the Melrose Hair Ads I'm wearing outfits from KO industries ( The boytoy belt is from stellar designs) and in Erin 2 I am wearing a sweater from Naughty and Skirt from Its all good. Heart Wishbringer and Joe Stravinsky of Hearts Desire have a handful of their shoes on display this week for the Table Spotlight @ GuRLywood, if you havent seen their sexy shoes be sure to swing by for a peek ! Discussions and thoughts are underway for the inevitable rebuilding of the GuRL 6 store the store is in much need of a clean up / expansion and change of flavor. I really love it how it is now MJ and Kis did such a great job on it, but I have outgrown it slowly but surely. It will be a little while before the store is changing , but when it does get its rebuild there will be alot of changes .. the store will be way more organized and efficient (fingers crossed with hope) I'll be seeking out the opinions of the group as to which way they would best like to see the hair : A. Seperate by style regaurdless of flexi status. B Seperate by style for flexi and then again for statics (example: Flexi updos section , static updo's section etc.. etc) C. Seperate only by static and flexi and new releases and older and then catelog where the styles are located. D. Throw it all in a big pile and cry. I will need to discontinue hair at an even quicker rate that I have been . I need to at least be discontinuing hair at the rate I am producing it cos lets face it the Island isnt gonna get any bigger LOL. Anyways I am rambling :P Have a goood day !


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