GuRL 6

Sunday, December 17, 2006

9 New Hairstyles @ GuRL 6

Okay so a bunch a new stuff .. yay ! 6 new hairstyles for girls, 2 new hairstyles for guys and 1 new freebie hair for girls. I finally got around to making the flexified and revamped blink thats been on a few ppl's request lists ever since the invention of flexi so I hope you guys like it ! I had to completely remake it and so hopefully I came close and didnt change too too much of the original Blink ! Tati reminds me a lil of ariel except up front is lil honey buns insteand of ponytails and the back is shorter and layered rather than uber long and woooshy like ariel. Broken is pretty subtle , a nice clean simple calm hair. Natural is yep.. a spin on " Natural Woman" I changed it so much that I didnt make it a 2.0 and rather just gave it a hint of the name since it has a hint of the flavor :P. Nicola is a conventional updo other than the fact it has an attached jeweled forehead band, I felt it made it a little more princess like but I can understand if its not something everyones ' feelin' :P Joely is a jagged and funky bob. For the men I made one short clean , good-boy hair cut (Corsa) and a lil more free and easy flexi (Hurricane). Its been so crappy lately with search being down but hopefully things are back to normal now. I've got alot going on RL these days as I'm sure alot of you probably do ... seeing as how its the holidays and all but really wanted to put out some new stuff so I hope you like it ! Or at least some of it :P If you havent gotten a chance to check out the sim " Demersal" be sure you do.. just search for it on your world map. Its a winter themed sim and alot of people have built something seasonal on it.. including me !! Look for the gingerbread house off in the distance :P I dont build things other than hair much so I hope its okay :P Anyways so much going on in SL right now and there are so many changes coming for the new year and dont count GuRL 6 out yet on some drastic changes headed to the store for the new year as well. Theres much stuff that I really need to just let go of and clean up off the floor. Ive got 3 Items on clearance right now, I think I will be adding some more soon, and remember clearance is different than the discount area... clearance is located in the warehouse section on the right side of the store and its the last stop for hair before its deleted out of my stuffed up inventory :P Anyways thats it for now!!!

The Details:

6 New ones for the girls:
*Tati (Flexi and easy tint- shirt in ad from naughty designs) *Broken (flexi and easy tint - shirt in ad from dazzle) *Natural (flexi and easy tint-shirt in ad from Luminiosity) * Nicola ( Easy tint, diamonds on the headband are color change on command, shirt in ad from dazzle) * Blink 2.0 (Flexi and easy tint - shirt in ad from CKS Designs) *Joely (Flexi and easy tint, shirt in ad from Paper Couture.

2 New for the Men :
Corsa - Static and Hurricane -Flexi

New Freebie Hair :
Lemonade - Static easy tint and available in packs of 4 for 1L (Top in ad by digit darks)


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