GuRL 6

Thursday, December 07, 2006

New Clearance Section

Not to be confused with the on-going "discount" section that is on the left wing of the store.. the clearance section is the last stop for hair before its completely deleted. I have placed the clearance section on a wall in the "warehouse" section of the store in the right wing of the building. Clearance hairs will be very low-priced and will be cleaned out pretty much around the same time as new hairs are released. I will update the blog with info on which hairs are being placed on clearance . Once a hair is placed in clearance I will be keeping it there for at least one week . How long it will stay on clearance will depend on my need my for space but I will at the very least keep it up a week to give anyone interested a chance to pick up before its buh-bye. On clearance now : Backstage Pass, Cyberkitten (original version) and GuRL Next Door ( original version ).


At 10:49 AM, Blogger Jeza said...

*sniffles* I hate to see good hair go bye bye :(
But I guess unless you want your store to be 37 stories tall, sacrifices must be made :/
I am going to hold a candle light ceremony for them all....
Ok ok... I'm not really :P


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