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Monday, December 25, 2006

4 New Hairstyles

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays ! 4 New hairstyles out -- 3 flexi , 1 static - all easy tint and available now in gurlywood. 60 Shades with small , medium and large sizes in every shade include in each pack ! Also remember today will be the last day to pick up the Freebie hair " Season" and "Santa Pj's" located in the center of the new releases :) The details : Marilyn 2.0 ads a lil flexi to the old style Marilyn and was completely rebuilt so its alot different , but still familiar :P Outfit in the ad is from Mistress Midnights store in Midnight City. Dana is a very short bob with fringy bangs, static . Outfit in ad is from Rebel Hope with Earrings available @ GuRL 6. Trouble is a flexi big pony tail, yet tight on the sides with mostly swept apart bangs. Outfit in Ad is a new slipdress from Nylon Outfitters. Carmen is flexi with a bushy style back , twisted and kinda tangled , color change on command baretts. Outfit in ad is from *Star Kissed* and although you cant see it.. the prim skirt on the outfit is super cute , but not only that it has an awesome sizing script.. so for those of you that cant stand resizing prim skirts your gonna love it. First of all there is 2 sizes in the pack large and small. Then once you put on the skirt you can click it and get a blue pop up menu asking you to make it bigger or smaller and you just keep selecting until you get that perfect fit. Anyways hope you all have a beautiful day. I know I say this like every other day but I so need to clean out the store of some older styles .. I have my clearance system in place but I might need room more soon that I can put things on clearance but I promise to try to announce ahead of time any styles that I'm gonna discontinue or maybe I can put them all ina vendor or something I dont know yet but ack the space is necessary lol.


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