GuRL 6

Sunday, January 07, 2007

New Hairstyle & More Clearance Hair @ GuRL 6

Nia - its flexi and easy tint and available now in gurlywood. 60 shades with small , medium and large sizes in every shade included in all packs. The camo tank I'm wearing in the ad is from Torridwear.

Also- 4 hairstyles were retired from clearance this week (Socialite, Spacey, GuRL Next Door I and Cyberkitten I) and discontinued. I have added another 4 wigs to clearance , these ones are all flexi ( cherish, spite, bits and apple ) starting as low as 20L per pack.. these items will be discontinued when more hairs are placed on clearance . The clearance rack is located in the left wing of the store on a large purple star stand. Remember once an item is placed on clearance I will keep it there for at least one week.

I am just discontinuing from the clearance rack whenever i need to place more hairs on clearance so there are no set timelines on that but please check back often cause I plan to start pushing alot of hair into retirement and get the store cleaned up a little bit. Also I have bulk-packed up 36 newer static styles in the Warehouse section of the store. These complete sets include all the packs the hairstyle was available in ranging from 28- 40 shades and priced from 250-299 based on amount of shades included.


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