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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

2nd Annual Hair Fair to be held April 6-14

Yep its that time again !! This years Hair Fair Organizers : Elikapeka Tiramisu, Garbage Prototype, Lost Thereian, Zyrra Falcone and myself will be getting all the details ready for you guys soon ! We learned alot from last year and plan to make it a better experience for all involved this year ! More Events, More New Releases, More space and some other special things we are still in the process of working out.

As for Hair Fair 2007, those that were invited to showcase hair in last year's event will be re-invited and recieving more details on the fair soon. If you are new to designing hair or did not make it to last years event and are wanting to participate, please just drop a notecard of interest on one of the organizers listed above include your name, store name, and a landmark to your store so that we can get you added to the list of designers recieving updates on the event.

Please note that the organizers listed above are not associated with the organization of any other similar hair events outside of Hair Fair 2007, taking place this April. There has been some confusion about a hair convention taking place this month , please note that it is completely un-related to Hair Fair 2006 and you will need to contact the people heading up those particular events for more informtion on them.


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