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Thursday, March 15, 2007

GuRLywood Update Group News and Store info

Hey Guys ! Well you might remember me griping about last week when some griefers spammed the update group ( i'd forgotten to turn off members ability to create proposals and like 20 were sent out in 5 minutes time) Well so many ppl didnt understand or did and still held me responsible for their interruptions and they quit the group, said some nasty things, etc etc.. so I decided to for this months holiday do 2 group exlusive St Patricks Day Gifts. The first present was a special edition of the Paige 3 Hair. Today the horror of all those proposals came back when the results all came scrolling in spamming everyone all over again. So I really want to appologize to the group for all that junk AGAIN. Members ability to create notices and proposals has been turned off so this will not happen again. Anyways today I sent out the 2nd and final Lucky Leprachaun Gift (Available under group notices) It contains a special edition green version of "Shade", and a more natural color (SexyRed) in all 3 sizes along with Special edition Green " Bootsies" and a bikini top, sexy tee shirt and bootay shorts all in St. Paddy's Day Green. The update group is closed to new members until after the holiday. In other news the New Table Spotlight is clothing by Myth Creations , sexy and affordable -- be sure to swing by the table the next time your in and have a peek. Thats it for now !!


At 12:35 PM, Blogger Jeza said...

Aww Six... You so don't deserve grief from anybody... You bust your ass to make some of the best hair out there... I know you, and it's a shame to think that people are mad at you over something like that... Your one of the kindest, coolest people I have met here, and anybody who wants to blame you for a group loophole, is just being stupid.. *big hug*

/rant off


At 10:47 AM, Blogger Ana Lutetia said...


At 8:07 AM, Blogger o' Villanelle said...

did you make that corset set.. its beautiful. i need to join your group asap.. and also where did you get the shape and skin of the girl that models your hair.. just want to get one by the same person who made that one.. its beautiful.

At 11:01 AM, Blogger Six Kennedy said...

The corset is actually from Myth Creations. She held the table spotlight in the store last week. The skin is from Naughty Designs its the Alina skin by Lost Thereian, the shape is one i made that I have been messing with forever


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