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Friday, March 02, 2007

Hair Fair 2007 Info and other ramblings

Hair Fair Info

The hair fair commitee has now opened up some spots for late sign-ups to hair fair. If you missed the original deadline or did not realize you wanted to participate until after the deadline had passed now is your chance . Contact myself or Elikapeka Tiramisu to request a late invitation and get that back to us (instructions are on the invites) by March 6th. There are some prim restrictions for the late entries due to space limititations (noted on the invites) but we are confident that those signing up for these last few spots will still have enough to be able to put on a nice display. We are all really excited to get going on the build, Carryn Concord of Tickled Pink, our Chief Venue Designer on the committee has come up with some really great ideas for it.

Other Ramblings

I have been joking around for as long as I have been shopping for hair even way before creating it that I wished there was a globalized standard for head sizes to help make fitting hair easier. But lately I've been thinking that it might not be such a horrible idea after all. I've talked to a few other hair designers that are at the least interested in the idea of coming up with standerdized head size specificiations that we could create our hairs around. This would make shopping very easy for people that would conform to the standardized head size and for those that dont it would make it easier for them to adjust it the same way each time from different hair makers. Of course it would probably take some lengthy debates and voting and input from the public to come up with these standardized numbers . It surely wouldnt happen over night but definitly something to consider. Obviously not everyone is built the same way and some would not want to change the size of their head to conform to the standard but wouldnt it be nice to be able to get hair from several stores and be able to wear them all right off the rack.

GuRL 6 Store Update

I've finally got the ball rolling with the Misfit crew to start concepting and constructing the New GuRL 6 store. Finally time for a new look and more room. They are also hard at work to try to come up with a new way of displaying my hair that would reduce prims and textures and would therefore help reduce lag. So crossing my fingers hoping something like that would work for me. Regaurdless I will still need to trim off alot of older hairstyles and get them discontinued, its just time.. I still have the very first hairs I ever made offered for sale in the store and lets just say I've come along way since then :P at least I hope i have LOL


At 9:58 AM, Blogger Ana Lutetia said...

Is the Hair Fair open to public? I don't have anything to show but I would love to come and take pics of all new hairs...


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