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Monday, March 05, 2007

4 New Hairstyles @ GuRL 6

All Styles are Flexi and Easy Tint and Available now in GuRLywood. 60 shades with small, medium and large sizes included for every shade in each pack. So today Lexi opened up her new island for her store Stellar Designs YAY shes got over 100 new goodies over there I can't wait to go check it out I need to go set up my lil outlet there now that I think of it. I really do love lexi's clothes the quality is always perfect and the styles are always girly, flirty and fun. Speaking of New stores I tp'd in to get a peek at the progress the misfit team is making on my new store and I love it !!! Lots of fun stuff there. My theme is kind of barbie meets hollywood and they are working on a glamourous Dollhouse , theres a runway inside of it and an attic bedroom with a slumber party theme that will be used to house all of my discount/older styles. The bed in there is so fun with jumping on the bed and doing each others hair animations the whole thing is so super cute. They are also working on some new vendors to hopefully reduce some prims so if that works that will be totally great. Hair Fair is quickly approaching and I am of course such a slacker I dont have my styles for it done yet :P Last year I procrastinated to like the week before to finish up the hairs cutting it very very close since I got sick right before the fair and almost didnt get it done. Well today is the deadline for those late enteries to hair fair to get signed up so hopefully if you wanted in you have done so by now. Well thats all I got going on at the moment !!!
Clothing Seen in Ads : Hard Candy (Outfit from Stellar Designs) Nadia (Outfit from Nymphetamine) Nadia 2 (Outfit from Lucid) Genevieve (Outfit from the now gone Dazzle).


At 4:18 AM, Blogger Ana Lutetia said...

Happy International Women's Day! :)

At 5:15 AM, Blogger Jeza said...

Hey Six :)
I'm so happy to hear your opening a new store :) I feel bad I haven't been there to help with things.. I have been so busy myself.. I discovered I can build lol.. I kinda went on a sci fi geek binge and have been creating ships and building all kinds of crazy stuff. I even opened a store!! Anyways, glad to see things are going good for you!! :)
Oh..And shameless plug time:P Come see my store on Jade Island! Jade Innovations is the name, and I am here to satisfy your sci-fi geek needs!! hehe
Love u Six!

At 6:56 PM, Blogger Lexi Morgan said...

*hugs* Sixerz.. you are so sweet :)


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