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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Curls @ GuRL 6

2 New Flexi Hairstyles, Black only for 99L per pack. Fun and Playful flexi curls. Available now in GuRLywood. Each pack includes 3 sizes. (outfit worn in both ads is "zip it" from stellar designs-- yeah I like it so much sometimes i dont take it off lol.. good think we dont stink in SL. I have been pretty vocal to my friends about not particularily caring for the textured curls , I personally , for what I make , like the 3 dimension built out prim hair. There are designers who do AMAZING work with the textured curls and I am constantly in awe at the things they can do with textures.. but texturing has never been my strong point... if in fact I have any strong point at all :P But I was messing around and thought I would give it a shot and was pretty happy with the way they turned out. Only did it in black because.. well this texturing technique requires alot of blanks and personal care in the application process so to do it for 3 sizes in 60 shades... meaning spending individual time and attention on 180 wigs would well.. drive me thought if I'm gonna just play with it.. I'll stick to the black for now :P I was suprised at how fun it was to bounce around in curls like that and I was pleased with the outcome.. although with these styles they do require some ability to not freak out over flicker flaws , something I dont think I could ever get used to :P ... but anyways there they are , i hope its a fun lil change and definitly something I would probably only do in the future as some sort of limited color set and rare occurance :P.


At 11:19 PM, Blogger Claudine Jewell said...

oh this curls are so beautiful awwww just in black i want blonde curls pleaaaaasssseeee these are the most gorgeous curly styles ive seen

At 1:21 PM, Blogger Aurora Walcott said...

i just purchased "Rocky" in Hazelnut & it's absolutely stunning. it's especially relieving that this hair does not penetrate the neck when your gaze shifts, rofl, as i've noticed other marketed curlies have.


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