GuRL 6

Saturday, September 08, 2007

4 New Hairstyles including an exclusive free gift available this weekend only !

4 New hairstyles released today @ GuRL 6 in GuRLywood including the free gift "Felicity" , available this weekend only. Felicity subtle flex and the other 3 styles are mucho flex. All easy tint and available in 60 colors with small, medium and large sizes included in every shade in each pack.
Shown in Ads:
Skin : Naughty Designs
Outfits :
In Felicity: Dazzle Haute Couture ( Now known as Last Call, outfit no longer available I don't think. )/ Necklace by Shiny Things
In Pleasing: Stellar Designs
In Stranded: Stellar Designs (Top from the outfit "Voluptuous" and the skirt is from the outfit ("Dangerous")/ Gloves by Canimal
In Fifi: babydoll dress by Camie Cooper


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