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Friday, September 21, 2007

4 New @ GuRL 6 including 2 direct to clearance hairstyles

First up is Daylight 2, a second version of the original 2 color style available in all 60 shades, flexi and easy tint. For those of you that have already purchased a copy of the first version and would like to recieve the original daylight colors in this version free, just send me screenshot of you wearing the orginal daylight with your avatar name showing, title the snapshot with your name -daylight and I will send you the 2nd version asap !!

Next up is Linda, a short, flexi, easy-tint spin-off of the male hair Stanford, with some added feminine touches..
And finally Willamina and Understated , 2 brand new direct to clearance hairstyles. Both easy tint , one flexi - one static. You can pick up these styles for 50L per pack or 200L for the everything packs in the clearance section of GuRL 6 in GuRLywood ( the right wing of the store)

Other Items shown in Ads:
Skins: In Linda skin by Lovely skins
In Willamina, Understated and Daylight skin by Naughty
Clothes: In linda and daylight : Stellar Designs
In Willamina and Understated : Paper Couture


At 10:20 AM, Blogger Tenshi said...

omg Six. I love the Understated hair - went and snapped it up right away. I also found another hair, totally Angelina Jolie, that I've never seen before - Abundance! LOVE IT! :) <3


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