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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Teet for Tat -- GuRL 6 Needs your Visions...

VISION LINE--A special Edition Line of Hairstyles.. Coming soon to GuRL 6 with your help!!!

Well I am slowly but surely running out of things in my virtual closet to wear ! Sometimes I am making so many styles and I really try to only wear an outfit in my hair ads once if possible but sometimes I am just either too lazy or just love the outfit too too much :P My favorite designers have been helping keeping me dressed and I hope they continue to do so LOL.. with their FABULOUS stuff but like I said sometimes I get really *crotchfoot and crank out more than they can keep up with !!! haha. As I said before clothing I wear really inspires about 90 percent of the styles I make. I will put something on and kinda just vibe with the outfit as I am making the hair so the proposal I am making here is to help me get some more inspirations !!
What I would need from you : A folder with named "Inspiration - Your name/brand (if applicable)" Inside please include a picture of the outfit and Landmark for where to buy or if you are the one that designed it and are feeling generous you can include the outfit too ( wink wink nudge nudge lol ) and a notecard .. on the notecard I'd like you to write a vision you have for the hair that would go with the outfit, it can be vague or very specific and the name you would like for the hair. If your vision matches up with mine I will create the style you thought up!
In turn: I will wear the outfit in the hair ad, name it after either your first name or last name or if you are the designer of the outfit; your brandname, or the name of the outfit if you wish -- you can also suggest a totally different name for it on your notecard as well) I will also send you an everything pack of the completed hair right after its finished and before it hits the shelves.
Also this really is not me being cheap and lazy ( well sorta.. jk LOL ) but I hope it will be fun and please if you do send me a folder , and your the designer of the outfit -- there is no guarentee that your suggestion will be created , or that your outfit will be worn in an advertisement so pleasy pleasy no hard feelings.. if I don't make it , it just means I havent gotten to it yet or I really REALLY screwed up on your vision :P
*Crotchfoot: A noun (kraw-ch-fu-t): Meaning: someone ball-hogging the new releases section with a crapload of hair. Origin: Term Used to describe myself and Elika during the 2006 Hair Fair. LOL.


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