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Monday, May 07, 2007

Exhausted Yet Wired...(Random Thoughts)

So tired but can't sleep , so wound up but with no energy to do anything :P story of my life these days. The picture is of a few of the latest Releases @ GuRLywood. From Left to Right: Hannah, Madison and Aika. The Clothing from Left to right is from Stellar, Stellar and Digital Knickers. Skin from Naughty. Gosh Lexi of Stellar just keeps putting out the cutest stuff over and over. I really like her style, its flirty but not too dirty , its girly but not prissy and its sexy but not slutty... its just the right combo. That little panty set with the bows by Digital Knickers is another lil adorable thing too. I was trying to think of something else I could make or do for my SLRFL team Shoppoholics for a Cure. Currently I just have the Kiosk in the store , the rally hair (hat courtesy of mixers boutique) and the updo "Cherish" I was thinking about auctioning off a GuRL 6 VIP package that would include a GuRL 6 Hair Shopping Spree allowing them to pick one friend and go in and pick out 25 Everything Packs (or all the sets for styles in pre-everything pack hairs) each! Also a Frankenstein Custom Hairdo... Meaning they can come and select bits and pieces from existing styles they like to be pieced together for a Completely new hair : (Example) The bangs from question with the pony tails from bobo, or choosing a non flexi hair and requesting it be made flexi anything goes for that One hairstyle. They would then get a custom fitting of the style if necessary, the hair would be named after them and they would be featured as the model for the hairstyle (that would make them the first person ever, other than myself to pose in a GuRL 6 Hair Ad) They would of course recieve an everything pack of that style and last but not least, they will be given a special punch card allowing them to pick out 2 Free Hairstyles of their choice per month for 1 year. Thats just one idea I have rattling around in my brain but who knows what I will think of it after I sleep LOL Speaking of that ---- time for me to go nite nite !!!


At 5:01 AM, Blogger Alyse said...

Wow!!! Any of those would be awesome.


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