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Friday, May 04, 2007

A look back at the Hair of the Month Limiited Editions

As I mentioned recently The hair of the Month Limited Editions have reached the One Year Mark with this Months May Hair Release. I had been thinking about doing something different for a special of the month rather than naming the Hair after months, like maybe months in a different language or something like that but in the end decided to keep it just being named after the month of the releases with a small (2) or 2nd Series Mark. I started the Hair of the month specials before flexi hair was possible, way back when the store was still on Euphoria Island. All of this just making me realize how long GuRL 6 has been in operation. Starting with a small little Mall shop my friend Nevaeh of Sinful Shades gave me in Sleezywood back in September of 2005. As I said manytimes that lil mall stall turned into her knocking down walls to give me 2 spaces, then 3 , then 4, then it was look beyotch you just need to make a dang store across the way lol. Then a little modest store, turning into a larger store with help of Cory and Mak. It wasnt so long before I had outgrown that and moved to a plot on the Ginny Sim where I took my store they made for me and kind of did a limosene chop job on it placing 2 of them out and connecting them:P Eventually that was not enough room so we went to Euphoria Island where I had that open air beachy themed sprawling hair city. We never thought we'd cave and get an Island but finally only a sim could hold all the crap I was making. Its been a great couple years and I still enjoy playing with prims as much as I ever have. I'm constantly learning and trying to learn even more so that hopefully I get better with time. HOPEFULLY lol. I was telling Sasy the other day that GuRLywood is currently like a Hair Musem of everything Ive ever made. The first stuff I made is still out there along with the new stuff and I know that eventually (and soon) I will need to quit being such a packrat ... I kind of have already started with the Clearance rack, I've already discontinued at least 10 styles which is a huge step for me trust that lol... I'd like to say I will go back and upgrade everything to the newest textures and also making things flex where possible and rebulding them up the techniques ive learned over time but... have you seen that place?? LOL.. it would take forever to do that especially since I am still so inspired to make new things. I've asked the update group, and some friends and well anyone that wants to let me know of some of their favorite oldies but goodies they'd like to see get revamped and I'm putting them on a list to try to get to little by little as much as I can. I want so much to thank everyone that has been so supportive of my efforts from my partner to my friends, to my fellow hair-makers to the most appreciated customers that grace my store with a visit. Anyways thats all for now just thought I'd share that :P


At 11:56 PM, Blogger caLLie cLine said...

wow, thanks for sharing all that... i had no clue how you really started, i just remember finding your shop with kiana and getting poptart, and your amazing bangs that i still use to this day...

i'ts been fantastic to watch you grow and you've always been a great inspiration, given great service, and i just wish you more great years!

i love my little shop a gurlywood, and will never forget the day you wrote me when i wrote your hair in one of my ads. i was brand new and you were so sweet.

anyway, i wish you all the best, i admire you, respect you and think you're the greatest!



At 8:02 AM, Blogger Ana Lutetia said...

Good luck for the future! Wish you many years ahead! :)


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