GuRL 6

Sunday, April 15, 2007

15 Piece Hair Extension Pack @ GuRL 6

Pack includes 2 prim hair bases, 3 sets of bangs, 5 upper hair attachments and 5 lower hair attchments. 1 from each of those categories can be worn all together. Play around with mixing it up to achieve many many different looks. Pack incluses all 15 pieces sized/and or positioned to fit 3 different head sizes. 4 of the lower hair attachments are flexi , this set includes only the blackgloss color. Available now @ GuRL 6 in GuRLywood. (Located on a table in the bangs area of the store) (Outfit in Ad is from Nyte N Day )


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At 10:15 AM, Blogger Kalindra said...

I'm a young woman with fashion goth chic style!!! ;)
I wish to have a nice hair like this.
What can i do to have it?

Congratulations for your great work!!!

I'm waiting for you answer!



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