GuRL 6

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Whats the Latest @ GuRL 6 and Newbie Vouchers Info

I've been a little bit quiet lately so I thought I'd check in! The picture shows some of the latest items at the store from the last couple weeks. I've had some problems with notecards loading slow and search taking a while so newbie hair voucher cards are not being processed quite as quickly so if your someone who is still waiting, please know that I am getting them out as soon as possible !! If ever its been 48 hours and you havent recieved your hair yet dont hesitate to resend your card, please keep in mind that only 1 notecard goes through and that I don't need the instructional voucher back...only the selection card. If you try sending both at the same time - only one goes through and if its the instructional voucher.. I don't receive any info at all about who sent the card or what hair they want. If you are positive you only sent the selection card and have still not received anything please please double check the spelling of your name, if even one letter is out of order I wont locate you in search to be able to deliver your hair. In some cases I am able to figure out what someone meant to type or understand the typo and try several queries and find the person, but alot of times I just cant figure out what the name is supposed to be. Other news , still working on developing a new store with a new layout of how the hair will be categorized --- the job will be like way way tremendous lol.. so I'm not really rushing into it , but it will happen relatively soon ! Also if you havent been by to try the demos for "Cherish" and "Rally" please do ! Those styles are limited edition and will not be available after this years relay ends. They are available in discounted everything packs (60 shades in 3 sizes) for just 300L with all proceeds automatically going to SLRFL.


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