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Thursday, June 25, 2009

O hai, hairfair!

lol.. noooooo this is not a whoa is me post of any kind. I just wanted to say I didn't choose not to participate in the fair, or anything like that. I wasn't aware of it until today. Silly me. I guess I should have realized it was about that time of year and poked around reading blogs and such so it really is my bad.

I do know the hassles of the fair, and how overwhelming it is for the organizers so I do not feel at all that I , or anyone.. was entitled to some sort of invite. In fairs past, we would send an invite to all prior fair vendors, and the post on blogs to let the new designers that weren't in it the year before to hear of it and sign up.

The fair was my lil baby.. and its all growed up now I guess :P I feel like a nagging parent who's child is in college telling them "hey ... you never call , darn you"! But all is good, I hope to be more alert and involved this year in creating new designs and revamping my store (in progress atm) and will keep an eye open for next years event!!!

I hope I get some time to stop by, the pictures I've seen of it look amazing and I know the organizers have been busting their butts to get it all done right!


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