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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

FINAL clearance day & Todays Specials @ GuRL 6 Hair

Today is the last day of Final Clearance of too many hairstyles to count @ GuRL 6 in GuRlywood. All styles on the walls of the right wing of the building marked down to 20L, they will be removed from the store January 15th

2 Hair specials today, one of which (STAR) was worn on Callie Cline in the Hot 100 Issue of Maxim Magazine, where she was the first Avatar to be placed on a list of beautiful rl celebs and models. Pick up the "Star" hair for just 100L for the everything pack of all 44 shades the style is available in! "Good GuRL" hair is also on sale today for just 75L per pack, 300L for the 60 shade everything pack.

Newbie Vouchers are running behind schedule, thank you for your continued patience as I widdle through the stack, they are on the way!


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