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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Hair Attachment (Literally)

Maybe I'm just getting my period or something, lol. But setting the date for the removal of so many hairstyles from the store and starting the final clearance sale on those items has made me a little sentimental.

Many of the styles headed for the chopping block are newer styles that made their way into the discount section due to just having created a similiar style I liked a little better, but many more have earned their way to that side after spending years with me , moving from expansion to expansion to what will be their final showroom floor resting place in GuRLyWood.

Some have colors on these styles I don't make anymore and many are missing colors that are in the newer styles. It's a real hodge podge for sure. Some I look at now and wonder wtf I was thinking at the time I made it lol. Not to mention wtf I was thinking when I named some of these. A lot of you have been there from the beginning.. have seen me grow from a handful of hair to thousands.

Some of you shopped with me back in the Sleezywood mall days and still continue to visit GuRLyWood for my latest! I love and thank you so much. Some of you came and got your first hair from me, and I'd also like to take this time to thank you as well! It's a big world out there and I appreciate so much you stopping by for a visit! Some of you were regulars who then moved on and just peek back in time to time, I see you sneaking in !!! Thanks to you too!! Of course there are some that haven't (yet, hopefully) wanted to to come and check out GuRL 6 and to you I say... come on in! The demo's on all new releases are now 0L - nothing to lose by peeking! lol.

There are ,of course, some of you that came, or browsed the blogs and decided my hair didn't suit you. And thats, of course, fine too... we all have different tastes and there are so many fabulous flavors to choose from!! Theres some of you that hate my styles with a passion and again, thats okay with me too - I think I've learned to try and toughen up a little bit and quit being a baby everytime someone thinks I suck lol.

I try to cater to many genres, I love to make pin-up girl hair and sometimes make some sassy little faux hawk, even some anime styles and a lot of other little suprises are tossed in my big hair pile. I know the bulk of my hair I try to make sexy, flirty and fun. But there are quite a few lil classy and modest styles as well! I guess what I am trying to say is, if you are under the impression that I don't carry your 'type' give it a go - I just might :)

Anyways I wrote this peice to express my being a little sentimental about letting go of the past but it is, in fact, time that I do. You can expect a lot of changes coming with the new year @ GuRL 6- being able to find things easier being the number one change. Hair sorted by sections and packaged more uniformly. Fixes and touch ups on the build to make it easier to navigate as well. Some new textures and pack options and new designs are also (always) on the menu. I plan to keep bringing the styles my customers want to see and to take all the fantastic suggestions I have had and put them into play as well.

So while I am saying goodbye to an enormous amount of my hair soon (Jan 15th).. We'll all be saying Hello to a new GuRL 6. Same focus on the customer. Same striving to do my personal best. Just a little more organized, clean and fresh... for 2009


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