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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Last day for Contest Enteries @ GuRL 6

The Scoop!
GuRL 6 is looking for a fresh face to appear on the Hair of the Month Advertisments ! I will choose this model based on their overall avatar appearance and how well they are rockin' the gurl 6 hair in the photo they submit to the contest. I am not looking for any specific type of avatar so just be you!! Winner will also receive a prize of 10,000 L's. I have already received the firs 10 contest submissions so those GuRL 6 Hair Gift Card for 200L have already been given. (Winners of those posted on this blog earlier this month).

What does it take to be a hair of the month Model?
Submissions should come from ladies that don't mind posing for a few pictures each Month for the Hair of the Month ad. The sessions will likely take about 15 minutes of the winners time and they will receive an advanced and free copy of the everything pack of the Hair of theMonth's . If the winner should at any time decide that they no longer wish to model that is completely fine (I hope that doesn't happen)and also I reserve the right to terminate the models duties as hair of the month model for any reason (but thats so unlikely). If either does happen winner will continue to receive a free copy of the everything pack of the hair of the month for as long as they are being made and the winner is wanting them :)

How to enter:
Add GuRLywood to your Profile Picks.Take a snapshot of yourself IN GuRLyWood while wearing ANY GuRL 6 Hair.Put the snapshot on the same profile pick .Create note titled "GuRL 6 Profile - Your name"and send to Six Kennedy by October 15th, 2008

When will the winner be picked?
I will be viewing submissions starting October 15th. Winner will be announced here and in the GuRLyWood Update Group on October 31st. Depending on the volume of submissions, I will be listing the Models who have entered here on the blog as soon as possible after the 15th.
****I hope this contest is fun for you gurls, and I do know that I am in for a rough decision with all you beautiful avatars out there. And its one of those eye of the beholder things that I hope doesn't leave anyone unhappy with my decision. This is all for fun and I'm just looking for the model that conveys a dynamic personality in a simple still picture! *****


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