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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Just a bunch of thank you's...

Thanks to everyone that has sent in items and ideas for the "Vision" Hair Line that I will be working on in the future...(( thats the one where you can send me a note describing a style you would like to see that is inspired by a certain outfit you either made or bought. If you made it and wanted to pass that outfit to me along with the idea.. well i wouldnt poke you with a stick for that , thats for sure LOL.. but if you didnt make it, or did but would rather not send it, you can just send me a picture of the outfit with a landmark so that I can check it out. If I do end up making the style, I will wear your outfit in the ad for the style, give you a free pack of the hair and name it after your store or your name (first or last) or of the outfit ( if your the designer and would like that). I wont be able , of course, to do all of the suggestions I get so please dont feel bad if your's isnt done or not done right away because its either in the works for the future or was something I didnt think I could pull off well enough. )) While I am giving out thanks I'd also like to thank the people that have sent me clothing to either blog or wear in clothing ads, I havent been blogging much on appearance mode but hopefully in the near future I will be able to get back to that. Anddd thanks to everyone that has taken to the time to send me feedback on styles you like, styles you would like to see in more colors, styles that you would like to see and styles that I already have that you would like to see changes on. All of this feedback helps me to determine which hairs need to be remixed to include new colors , which need to be upgraded to a new version with changes made and which styles I should try to add to the store. Another big thank you to everyone donating to the SLRFL bins in my store (or in any store for that matter) as well as purchasing one of the RFL dedicated hairs located near the bin. And last but most definitly not least thanks to all of you that have taken the time to come and visit GuRLywood! (Theres alot more thanks to give but I will save that for another moment when I am feeling all gushy again:P)
* The picture is of the latest releases available @ GuRL 6*
Skin by Naughty, Clothes by Naughty and Stellar , Freak Fantasia and Stellar from (left to right)


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